Upgrade your mindset, raise your vibration, and refine your processes so you can effortlessly create your dream life and achieve your biggest aspirations.


What if you could work with a trusted personal advisor to uncover your mindset blocks, give you honest and direct feedback, and provide you with laser-focused processes to help you excel beyond your limits and reach the next level in all aspects of your personal and professional life?

Kirsten Franklin is a world-class transformation coach who specializes in helping elite-level executives, founders, and athletes improve their life, leadership, and business skills so they can continue to thrive and operate at the top of their game.

She has worked with hundreds of high performers including C suite executives of 7,8 & 9 figure businesses, top-tier Big 4 accounting executives, law partners, professional athletes, real estate executives, small business owners, entrepreneurs and other top coaches.

Kirsten leverages evidence-based scientific techniques including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Strategic Intervention, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Timeline Therapy, Mindfulness, Meditation and more to help you break through any barriers that stand between you and your success.

 You deserve to unleash your full potential and live life by your design. 

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Bam!  You guys can keep Tony Robbins, I'll always reach out to Kirsten Franklin!!   
Tom K.
Business Owner (FL)
...It was the most impactful, thought-provoking, action-taking time in my professional life. I feel after your coaching, that my potential is limitless ...Thank You for helping me discard those limitations. My confidence is stronger than ever. My networking, public speaking, sales and planning skills are light years beyond what they used to be.
James M.
Tax Executive (TX)
Kirsten helped me to overcome personal obstacles and gain the focus necessary that were critical to my success. Within the first two months of working with Kirsten, my business’s income doubled... I cannot say enough positive things about Kirsten. She is a rock star coach that genuinely cares about her clients and pours everything she has into helping them live the life of their dreams!
Jason P.
Business Owner (FL)
I have been able to gain focus and develop systems to produce consistent results. I am learning how to address my mindset, and work on the pain points to create/track positive change. I'm experienced in real estate, but haven't been able to get ahead and scale like I dreamed.
 Having the weekly accountability has helped narrow
K.Johnson Realtor
REI Business Owner
Are you looking for ways to optimize your most important resources?

 Do you know what ‘Wendy Rhodes’ is to ‘AxeCap?’ That is Kirsten Franklin to your organization.

 If you want your people on board, in alignment, super productive and ready to kick butt; then you need Kirsten as your go-to ‘Wendy’ for your executive team.
Marai Parrella Turco
Entrepreneuer - Fitness Industry
"...a few months ago I was in such a rut.. I wasn't happy with my job, I felt like I was plateauing and I had no idea what to do or where to go next. I was lacking motivation and was so uninspired." [after the Breakthrough Call with Kirsten] " I decided to focus on my business, quit my day job, take up some freelance work, and honestly it was the best decision. I feel so free and everything started to click back into place. I wake up in the morning motivated and ready to kick butt."
kaitlyn Wojtaszek
Founder/Fashion Start Up

About Kirsten Franklin

Transformation Coach, Author, Speaker & FOUNDER

Kirsten is a world-class rapid transformation coach who has helped change the lives of over 1000 individuals. She is the brains behind the unique MVP method that is responsible for helping her clients rapidly transform their Mindset, raise their Vibrations, and modify their Processes, so they can achieve their dream lives.

She helps people overcome fears, adversities and traumas while improving their clarity, focus, performance, communication, relationships and thinking, so they can fulfill their ambitions. Many of her clients are seen as being highly successful and seek her out to help them define and achieve their next-level.

She has spent over sixteen years studying mindset, positive psychology, behavioral science and neuroscience and she is a master of techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Strategic Intervention (SI), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coaching (CBT), Timeline Therapy, Mindset, Mindfulness, Meditation and more.

Kirsten received her Juris Doctorate from St. John’s University School of Law in 2001. Now retired, she owns multiple companies and is the CEO of CS Thrive, a coaching and consulting company that helps executives, founders, small business owners and athletes become unfu*kwithable in their business and lives. In free time, she is the host of the podcast Girl on Fire; writes for “Mind-Flux,” a publication she created on; writes fiction and non-fiction books and hosts live events. She has been featured in Thrive Global, NBC, CBS, and Fox.

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3 Areas of Success

Personal Development

Master your mindset and vibration, discover your true self-worth, and attract the right people and circumstances so you can level up your life.

Leadership Development

Learn how to empower and inspire others, attract elite talent, and build world-class networks and teams to accelerate your path to success.

Business Development

Learn and implement the right strategies and processes that will enable you to exponentially scale up your business and have a massive impact.

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