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Expert life and business coach, Kirsten Franklin, interviews women leaders (scientists, psychologists, founders, owners, executives and athletes) on a broad range of topics from overcoming adversity to the psychology and neuroscience behind success.

Get It Done!

Maximize your time, while minimizing your stress! Regardless of whether you are a stay at home parent, employee, executive, team leader or business owner, everyone needs to consciously develop the right systems and habits in order to streamline your time and accomplish all that you desire.

52 Week Mindfulness, Meditation & Mindset Email Series

We often hear about how mindfulness and meditation can improve your overall well being, but what does that really mean? ……


Best Year Ever!

During this four week journey, Coach Kirsten will take you from that endless loop of hitting those invisible barriers to breaking through and finally achieving your goals.

Mindfulness for the Modern Lawyer: Managing Stress to Uphold Your Ethical/Professional Responsibility

This course will teach you the ancient contemplative practice of Mindfulness and how use it to combat stress, decrease reactivity, increase focus and productivity and improve outcomes. So you can uphold your ethical duties.

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Recovering attorney turned world renowned mindset, life and business coach

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